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About our company

JS World is a marketing company. By marketing here you can improve your quality of life. We have started our activities in the New Year with the new initiative from 1st January 2021. Our goal is to build a self-reliant Bangladesh. Where there will be no hunger, poverty and financial deprivation. We want to spread our cherished dream among you. Our goal is to build a poverty free society.

SM Habibur Rahman, Chairman

In the current economic and social situation, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, people are running towards unemployment and poverty day by day. Due to the lack of growth in the scope of e-commerce in Bangladesh in terms of global demand, the people of Bangladesh have lagged far behind others. JS World Market Ltd. is playing a unique role in alleviating unemployment and poverty of the poor people in view of the demand of e-commerce in the country.
Wishing Good Luck to Everyone.

Md. Sohel Sikder, Vice Chairman

JS World Market Ltd. was founded with the promise of changing the current socio-economic conditions of the world due to Covid-19. Honorable Chairman SM Habibur Rahman has given the opportunity to change his life by purchasing only his necessary shopping from a single reliable place through this first e-commerce business in Bangladesh. He dreamed of making people self-reliant at JS World Market Ltd. Through this he gave real form. By shopping in this company, every person can easily get improvement and prosperity in life.
So let's join JS World Market Ltd. & Beautify your lives.

Jewel Sikder, Managing Director

Through this is the first e-commerce business in Bangladesh,JS World Market Ltd. has brought the opportunity to change your life by purchasing only your essentials from a single reliable place. In the last 20 years of marketing life, I want to bring some changes in the business outlook, which is possible only through JS World Market Ltd. Insha’Allah. I want to move forward in the future on how to change people's financial situation very simply.
I hope everyone will be by our side. Stay well, Stay healthy.